the internet raised us

The mood on this wednesday evening

do you

In This Genereration 

  •                           P  R E T T Y is all that matters

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That Slow Burn Wait While It Gets Dark, Bruising The Sun  

I Feel Grown Up With You In Your Car

We Both Got A Million Bad Habits To Kick, Not Sleeping Is One 

We’re Biting Our Nails, You’re Biting My Lip, I’m Biting My Lip

People are talking, Raise A Glass ‘Cos I’m Not Done Saying It

They All Wanna Get Rough, Get Away With It

Let ‘em Talk ‘Cos We’re Dancing In The World Alone

Maybe The Internet Raised Us, Or Maybe People Are Jerks

We’re Dancing In The World Alone

When you’re not good enough for your significant other and they mess around on you and you stay

  • That’s some true love and you continue to be faithful loyal to them, but that start accusing you of cheating all because of their own paranoia by cheating in the first place
  • And they end up leaving That just leaves a sting in your heart, a chronic sting that never dies, 

    a sting that leaves you to ask

 ??    W H A T     D I D     I   D   O   W R O N G  

N O T H I N G     I S       R I G H T      A N Y M O R E

if i try to make it ok it can’t be 

  1. I did nothing wrong~ It’s crazy how you feel bad when you’re the one that was cheated on
  •              fuck em
  • Could’ve been the one but it just wasn’t that serious.

Should’ve looked up in the sky at first now i can see it in her eyes………..fireworks 

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